Pain – How Do You Handle It?

Do you suffer pain?…

Did you know it’s normal for people to have pain, but to suffer pain is a choice?

Pain is inevitable. I repeat, pain is inevitable, but … Suffering is optional.

What you do after the i … more

Let’s Do A Whole Body Smile!

Here is an technique that will help you feel better any time of the day. Get ready to relax and use your imagination . . .
NOTE: Just to give you a littl … more

Imagine a Laboratory To Visualize Healing

Have you ever used a laboratory when you visualize healing?

Your brain is paying attention to everything you say, do, visualize.  That being the case, using/visualizing a laboratory is one of the best ways to methodic … more

I Walk You Through How I Helped Mom With Her Pain

 I used the “Visualize The Pain” technique, or a variation of it, for my mom many times…

I lived over an hour’s drive from her, but we talked on the phone  at 8 in the morning, every day we could.

If she was having any aches or pains, I helped her and she always felt better afte … more

Do You Get Sick Easily?

Do you get sick easily? …
Did you know that every thought in your mind affects your body? They are like building blocks, the more you think them the bigger they get, the more they affect your life.
Visualize your body … more

Do We Attract Our Illnesses?

Do we attract our illnesses?…

What?  You don’t believe that?

Well, we do, either consciously or unconsciously. Now, we don’t, usually, do this on purpose, but our internal programming does it nevertheless. … more

Have You Ever Run A Big Ball of Healing Energy?

What can a big ball of healing energy do for you?

Lots of things. I’ll show you. Let’s visualize a big ball of healing energy. . .

What color is it? What shape is it … more

5 Ways To Help Yourself Heal

Here are five different ways to heal. Learn which works best for you. Good luck! . . .
1. Visualizing Healing 

Every morning, sit or lie down and relax for fifteen minutes. Start each session out by breathing slowly and counting on each exhale: 3 3 3 — 2 2 2 — 1 1 1. … more

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